The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston values its faculty and staff and supports each department's managerial decision to offer telecommuting options for any of its employees provided the job is appropriate for telecommuting and the missions of the department and University are not compromised and fully met. The Telecommuting Guide should assist UTHSC-H supervisors and employees appropriately and effectively utilize telecommuting and include a definition of telecommuting, potential advantages/disadvantages of telecommuting, and tips for evaluating/implementing telecommuting.

Definition of Telecommuting

Telecommuting is a work agreement between an employee and his/her supervisor that allows an employee to perform assigned duties at an alternative site (usually home) during some or all of his/her scheduled work hours. It is a managerial/supervisory option and not an employee benefit or right and must conform to all state laws and regulations regarding state employment.

 Potential Advantages of Telecommuting

Potential Disadvantages of Telecommuting

Factors to Consider When Evaluating Telecommuting as an Option

Requesting Telecommuting: Tips for Employees


Selection of Telecommuters

Each department is responsible for making its own decisions regarding appropriate candidates for telecommuting. However, experiences of other organizations implementing telecommuting options suggest that the success of telecommuting may be enhanced when telecommuters meet the following criteria.

Guidelines for Implementing Telecommuting


Tips for Creating a Safe and Efficient Work Site

Work Assignments and Evaluations

Time and Leave


Worker's Compensation Benefit's

Equipment and Software

Information Technology Support

Managing Telecommuters: Tips for Supervisors

Termination of Participation


For more information or guidance about telecommuting, contact the Work/Life Coordinator at 500-3013, or via email.

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