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Resources & Referral Information is available for practically every conceivable area of work and life including: family & caregiving, emotional well-being, health & wellness, working smarter and daily living. Additionally, individual consultations are available with a trained specialist in the areas of child care, elder care, education and adoption. A consultant will research and locate the resources to meet your exact needs and will provide you with three to five confirmed openings.
Services are available via website or telephone.



Click here to access the WorkLife website:

This state-of-the-art website contains over 3000 resource articles, trainings, assessments, audio files, and videos covering emotional well-being, health and wellness, and workplace issues.
In addition, you can use the website’s assisted search capabilities for childcare, eldercare, education, and adoption needs. Click on the “assisted search function” on the left hand side navigation under the Family & Caregiving Section for help from a consultant. The consultant will send, within approximately 12 business hours, information that most closely matches your request.
For immediate needs, you can "instant message" a work-life consultant with questions thru the live connect feature on the home page.  



To speak with a consultant, call the main EAP & Work/Life Program at (713) 500 - 3327. A very brief intake will be performed and you will be connected to speak with a consultant.  


Child Care

Child Care Consultants hold Bachelors degrees in early childhood, elementary education, as well as other related fields and have 2-3 years of direct care experience. They have access to over 380,000 registered and/or licensed childcare providers or agencies in their databases as well as negotiated discounts at more than 5,000 childcare centers across the United States. 


Elder Care

Elder Care Consultants hold Masters degrees in counseling and Social Work, as well as other related fields, and have 3-5 years of direct experience within elder care systems/facilities and they have over 160,000 elder care related resources in their databases.

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