Counseling Services

Our Counseling Services are free and available to all benefits-eligible faculty, staff, students, residents and fellows and their immediate families. All of our services are strictly confidential.
Any problem that troubles you, gets out-of-hand, or reduces your ability to concentrate can be brought to the EAP. This includes but is not limited to:

During the assessment and referral process, the UT counselor will determine what help is required to the resolve the problem that initiated the visit. The number of sessions needed will be determined by the counselor. If further help is needed, an appropriate referral will be made based on the client's needs.  Counselors serve as case managers for up to two years for clients who require long-term treatment or therapy.

Sessions and assessments with counselors are always provided "in person." We will not provide telephonic assessments or counseling unless there are extenuating circumstances to warrant this.


Calling Information and Accessibility

If you are not sure you need help or would like to talk to a counselor, you can call our local number (713-500-3327) or our toll free number (800-346-3549) for assistance.

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